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Gallery PANO72.jpg
LM Flare.jpg
LM My Blue Heaven.jpeg
Dawn of the Grey Fox.jpg

Flare 36x36"

My Blue Heaven SOLD

Dawn of the Grey Fox 36x36"


Sail Away 14x11" SOLD

Out of Grandola.jpg

Out of Grandola SOLD

LM Pet Thought 14x14.jpg

Pet Thought 14x14"

LM In the Distance 24x18.jpeg

In the Distance 24x18" SOLD

LM Cardinal's Rule.jpg

Cardinal's Rule 14x14"


Anywhereandhere 48x36"  SOLD

Cradle the Sun 72.jpg

Cradle the Sun 14x11" SOLD

Some Days my Monster.jpg

Some Days My Monsters 40x40"

By the Pond 72.jpg

By the Pond 14x14"

LM Recall.jpg

Recall 36x36"

LM Captive Sky 24x24.jpeg

Captive Sky 24x24"

LM Keepsake.jpg

Keepsake 32x40"


Intersection 32x40"

LM Soft Landing.jpg

Soft Landing 29x29"


Watchman 8x8" SOLD


Bungalow Days 48x25"


In the Garden 72x66.5"

Midnight Fields are Singing.jpg

Midnight Fields are Singing 29x29" SOLD


Too - Too 6x6"  SOLD


Speaking of Flowers 6x6" SOLD

LM Long John's Diversion 20.5x23.jpg

Long Jon's Diversion 20.5x23  SOLD

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