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 Two day Acrylic Mixed Media Workshop 
 Saturday and Sunday August 10 & 11, 2024
At Law Blank Studio, Malvern PA

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Join me for two days of in-depth
art making ! 

Here's how it works...


In this two-day Acrylic Mixed Media Workshop, held at Law Blank Studio, I'll teach the processes and techniques I use for building imagery-rich surfaces using acrylic paint, collage, and a collection of other media. Though I will be teaching my own approach to painting, the class prioritizes how these methods register with individual students, amplifying each artist's distinctive voice.


A few things that may be helpful to know :


      There is zero emphasis on finishing. What students create during a workshop may or may not become finished during their time in class. Ideas of how this thing called "finished" can be accomplished will be discussed, but when (or if) you lay down your brushes is completely up to you.  The focus of the class is on exploration and learning techniques that can be further refined in your own practice.


      The price includes all materials, painting boards, and access to brushes. If students have favorite brushes they'd like to use, they're encouraged to bring them. 


      Lunch on both days is the student's responsibility. There are places nearby to get a quick lunch, or students can bring their own. There is refrigeration on site. 

      I'll cover the basics of composition for two dimensional imagery. Ideas about the impact of color, value, and some color theory will be discussed. Whether the work is abstract, figurative, or anywhere in between, it relies on a few critical principles to communicate what it seeks to convey.


     The workshop requires a minimum of 5 students, max 7.


      No experience is necessary. Though I expect students to approach the work with a sense of adventure and a willingness to wander off their path; to get a little lost. If feeling a bit off-balance, or in-over-your-head gets your blood pumping, this class is for you!


      Law Blank Studio has a short set of steps to get to the door from the parking lot. Parking in the lot adjacent to the building is free. 

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More questions ? Email me:

Workshops have a special feeling to them. An industrious magic that tends to foster break throughs of all sizes. 

I can't wait to share that feeling with you this August.

Sounds great! How much is it?

Two Day Mixed Media Workshop - $490

Dates: August 10 & 11, 2024 

Number of students:  5 minimum. 7 maximum

Where: 18 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern PA 


Price includes all materials & painting boards + extra work time. 

Hours: Saturday10 - 4, Sunday 11-4.

Lunch is approx 45 minutes.*Lunch is not included in the price.


This workshop is hands-on. Students will be creating through the day. I offer a demonstration of each step, then encourage students to interpret, with guidance throughout. 

Tip: Come dressed to make a mess. Acrylic based paints and mediums will be used. Once dry, they are not easily removed from clothing.


Ready? PURCHASE the workshop HERE


Or, further questions are welcome. Email me at


(610) 858-4502



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