Mixed Media & Cold Wax Workshop
April 23 - 24, 2022 

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about the class

Here are some basics to consider as you think about taking a class with me:


1- I teach my method of painting which involves acrylics, oils and other mediums.  I use odorless solvents, but people with chemical sensitivity should be aware that solvents are used in the class. 


2- I cover the basics of composition and design for 2-D surfaces; two concepts central to abstraction. The importance of color value and some coverage of color theory is worked into the class. I believe that all solid 2-D design has its basis in abstraction, which goes for figurative work as well as non-figurative/non-objective.


3- For private or group classes, the price will include all materials, painting boards, and lunch for both days. Saturday night dinner and lodging (if you are staying in the area) would be at one of several restaurants in the area, and would be the student's responsibility.


4- Group class size will be limited to four (4) people.


5- No experience is necessary, but I do ask that participants approach the workshop with a sense of adventure, and a willingness to step outside of

(the proverbial) box. 


6- My studio is a walk-up on the second floor of an old industrial building. The building does not have an elevator.


7- Students may or may not leave with a finished piece. There is NO emphasis on finishing as a goal.


8- We will have fun!

Sounds great! How much is it ?

The two day group workshop is $425, with four students max, three students minimum.  This price includes all materials, and lunch both days. Each day is 10 - 3 for teaching hours, with an extra hour of independent work time until 4. Lunch is 30 minutes approx.


Individual classes can be one or two days. They are $300 per day. They also run 10-3 with an extra hour of independent work time until 4. They also include all materials, but not lunch.


Both types of class are very hands-on. You would be working throughout. I give a demonstration of each step, then allow students to interpret and implement that on their own (supplied) surfaces. 


Thanks for your questions.  Further thoughts or questions welcome.

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I am also offering private classes for anyone who has a scheduling conflict with the group classes, or just wishes to have one-on-one attention.





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