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Thanks to those who attended my first live ZOOM event on June 5th,

"Creating Rich Acrylic Surfaces" 

Let's get lost. What an adventure, to stumble toward the ambiguous, steering clear of  

predictable messages.

Uncertainty lives at the center of wonder. What could be more relevant 


LMS invites the curious to transform their private space into a font of marvelment (how is this not a word?) and feed the longing to

abandon "sure".


Are you allergic to right angles? Want to follow your intrigue to a place where breathing deepens and the walls around your heart start to crumble? Step outside the definitive.

Learn to fall.

Imagination is a muscle. It expands to the sound 

of your own voice, calm and strong.  



and face each day creatively

in every way possible. 

"Despite our need for proof,

the mouth of mystery is always open"


- honestly, I'm not sure who said this, but cats have always been aware of it.