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25 Days of Minis!
Starts Dec 1st, 2020. Everywhere 
What is 25 Days of Minis? An online show of 45 artists, each revealing one small artwork every day from Dec 1 to Dec 25. Get on the mailing list to see each day's collection while sipping your morning beverage here!

Knowing exactly where you're headed can be  great...



LMS invites you to get a little lost. Transform your private space into a font of marvelment (how is this not a word?) by abandoning predictable messages.

Remember, imagination is a muscle 

strengthened by the presence of your own voice.


Listen. And face each day with curiosity, in every way possible. 

Cardinal's Rule - mixed media on panel

This painting is available through

Exhibit B Gallery, Dec 19- Jan 30

as part of their winter show: 

"Everyday Magic"  

"Despite our need for proof,

the mouth of mystery is always open"


- honestly, I'm not sure who said this, but cats have always been aware of it.

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