Any attempt to make order out of chaos is

both daunting and thrilling. 

Even a little progress can be enough. 


 Surface depth, texture, shifts in color and translucency are some of the formal traits I look for when working.  Inspiration comes from every shadowy corner of my life experience.  The world is a fascinating place to be, most of the time :) 


Based in Pottstown PA, I exhibit work in regional

and national shows and galleries.

Where have I been all your life? Stuck in the mud.

See some of what resulted here.


what things look like is a convention,

not a truth"   - Wendell Castle


This quote by sculptor Wendell Castle reminds me that

after centuries of trying to define art,  it continues to

break out of the cages we create for it.  

resized little lisa copy.jpg

I follow a twisted path, chasing story lines
into the woods, where they hide.  

My work method revolves around the idea that more is more, until it isn't. Then remove what's not helping. The first part of the painting process is as thought-free as I can manage. I fight the need to control my materials, instead approaching them with the same curiosity I would have for any new place I might visit.  

Surrendering to the fact that I will never understand the work completely, I eventually come to appreciate its wisdom.  The content keeps me on a need-to-know basis.


A kind of unfolding happens at first that does not move  toward a specific idea.  The undefined figures that emerge reflect thoughts about relationships or things I see around me.  Elements of abstraction stray toward the surreal; best discovered in layers, through time.

 "Your mistakes is your style."
- Grayson Perry