Don't all the best things begin

with a mess?

(let's just agree on that right now) 



Each day's attempt to make some order out of chaos is daunting, and thrilling. 


If progress is made...   some days that's enough. 


 Surface depth, texture, shifts in color, and translucency are some of the formal traits I pursue when working.  Inspiration comes from every shadowy corner of my life experience.  The world is a fascinating place to be, most of the time :). 


Based in Pottstown PA, I exhibit work in regional

and national shows and galleries.


what things look like is a convention,

not a truth"   - Wendell Castle


This quote is one of my favorites.  I need constant reminding that among the well worn paths leading to a definition of art,  there are always dimly lit side trails left unexplored.  To wander down one of those offers a chance to trip over something magical.

some insight into my process

My motto: more is more, until it isn't. Then, edit, edit, edit. The first part of the process is as thought-free as I can manage. I fight the need to control my materials, instead approaching them with the same curiosity I would have for any new place I might visit.  Success means in part, surrendering to the fact that I will never understand the work completely, but will come to appreciate innate complexities of material, and outcomes.  A kind of unfolding happens at first that does not move  toward a specific idea.  The undefined figures that emerge reflect thoughts about relationships or things I see around me.  Elements of abstraction stray toward the surreal and are best discovered in layers, through time.